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There are Ports for every occasion and budget, from rare Vintage Ports for the fine wine collector to delicious and affordable wood aged styles suitable for relaxed entertaining.  Port, with its wealth of different characters and aromas, offers almost limitless opportunities for pairing with food and few wines can compete with its richness of flavour.

The different styles of port essentially derive from the various ways it can be aged.

Ports can be broken down in to two broad categories: wood aged Ports which age in casks or vats, usually made of oak, and bottle aged ports, which as the name suggests, spend most of their lives maturing in the bottle.

Within the wood aged Port family there are three styles:

- Full bodied, fruity red ports which age for a relatively short time in wood oak vats.  Ruby Ports are usually aged for 2 years.  Reserve Ports are a slightly better quality and age slightly longer and Late Bottled Vintage (LBV) Ports remain in the vat between four and six years.  Although offering different degrees of complexity and sophistication, these wines share a deep red youthful colour and intense fruity flavours reminiscent of blackberry, cherry and blackcurrant.  

- Rich and mellow Tawny Ports which age for longer periods in oak casks.  10, 20, 30 and 40 year old Tawny Ports whose delicious nuttiness and aromas of butterscotch and fine oak wood intensify the longer they spend in the casks.  Taylor's has one of the greatest reserves of aged Tawny Port.

- White Ports are made from classic white grapes, and are aged in large vats for two to three years and are available in sweeter or drier styles.  Taylor's Chip Dry was the first white port launched in 1934 and is one of the best known white ports.

The bottle aged family of Ports is mainly made up of Vintage Ports but has a small sub-category known as Crusted Ports

- Vintage Ports represent the very best produce of a single outstanding year.  It remains in the vat for only two years and then ages in the bottle.  Although Vintage Ports can be enjoyed when they are young they will improve for many decades in the cellar and are among the longest lasting of all wines.  Vintage Ports are among the most powerful, complex and structured Ports.

- Crusted Port are not made from wines of a single year, but like Vintage Ports are capable of maturing in the bottle.  Also like Vintage Ports they are not filtered before bottling and will form a "crust" (natural sediment) in the bottle as they age.

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